Mr V. Soma

Mr. V Soma

Mr V. Soma

V Soma has had a desire to be involved in the cleaning industry ever since he can remember, always wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father who like many fathers was a great influence upon him. Not content to sit around and watch TV or hang around Malls with friends V Soma decided on positive action, he became involved wherever and whenever he could in his fathers business. Weekends and Holidays, even sometimes after school he would be out with his father and also some of his Fathers managers learning the business from both ends. His father though ensured that a good education was completed and did not allow slacking when it came to homework.

Having always been around his fathers business V Soma has been involved in all areas of the business from training to be and working as a General Cleaner, the usage of machines such as scrubbers, high pressure washers and the correct usage of chemicals became second nature. By the age of sixteen, V Soma was very hands on with his fathers business during vacations and was already involved in Customer Service, Manpower Deployment and Training and also inspections of sites both contracted and potential. One of his favourite and earliest Assignments being the Alkaff Mansion. At the end of his Secondary education and at the age of eighteen, V Soma already had more hands on experience than many seasoned managers. So it was only a matter of time before his Father made him an Operations Manager which greatly increased his responsibilities and learning curve within the area of marketing, this also included the tendering for potential clients.

National Service was a testing period in which yet more discipline was learnt and stood V Soma in an even better position to achieve his potential. It was now 1998 and his father’s company, Glomax Services, had established cleaning assignments with several prestigious hotels such as the Pan Pacific, the Hyatt Regency, Alkaff Mansion, Plaza Park Royal, Holiday Inn Hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Millennium as well as C.K. Tang. Upon his return to Glomax Services as a Management Representative. V Soma was responsible for the company’s accounting, working schedules, payroll and CPF contribution computations. Overseas worker registrations and the requirements were learnt and he became very knowledgeable and attended many meetings at the Ministry of Manpower.

Two years later in 2000 and still not satisfied with his knowledge from within his Fathers Company, Mr V Soma continued his education about the industry by attending several seminars and Vocational courses in which he excelled. Then invited he joined the Centre for Cleaning Technology as an associate trainer in 2001 where he continued his education by putting himself through trainer training programmes. To date, he has trained over 700 employees from the Ministry of Environment, National University of Singapore and various companies. He continues to be an active advocate of training and is proud that many of the people he has trained have like him followed his footsteps to further training within the Industry.

In September 2001, at the launch of National Skills Recognition Systems by Productivity and Standards Board, Mr V Soma was recognised with a televised award for his constant upgrading within the local cleaning industry. TV Media as well as Radio conducted interviews with him regarding industrial training achievements and this was shown in four local languages and on various respective channel. Right Angle Media produced a video commissioned by MINDEF on the present economic restructuring for National Education. As part of their video, Mr V Soma was one of the participants selected due to a reference from the Ministry of Manpower regarding his constant upgrading and striving for excellence.

To this date V Soma continues to upgrade (Pest Control and Food Hygiene amongst others) and seeks new courses and since 2002 has not only taken numerous courses but also ran his own education and training establishment called the Industrial Skills Training Centre Pte Ltd. He is now planning to pursue courses in garden and landscaping maintenance with the National Parks Board.

During V Soma’s earlier days and school holidays, besides having knowledge within the cleaning industry, he worked in several other companies and experienced other trades. During a so far short but action filled and successful career V Soma equipped himself with knowledge of several trades and new skills. Listed in his achievements are the challenges that he has met, difficulties, obstacles and loses and each one was a learning opportunity and a stepping-stone towards the successful launching of his own company Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd.

V Soma is expanding his networks in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong. He is also conducting training and seminars in Singapore and neighbouring countries. With his years of varied experiences, he looks forward to future achievements and challenges in leading his company into the position of not only a local but also a global leader within the service industry.

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