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The quality of your carpet can deteriorate over a period time and will require care and attention. At Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd, we are passionate about the way your carpet looks because you can tell your friends and family about the great work we did.

In a survey carried out in 2008, it was found that the risk of picking germs from a carpet that has not been cleaned over the last year or more is ten times higher than the germs picked up from a toilet seat.

Dust mites, animal faeces, dead skin cells, food residue and many harmful microorganisms were among the items residing in a carpet that had not been cleaned. The survey also found that the longer the carpet hadn’t been cleaned the higher the particulates found in the carpet, hence the higher the risk of becoming ill as a result of a very dirty carpet.

Special attention is given to stains and odours when we come to clean your carpet, we have the expertise to remove the stains and eradicate odours that are embedded in the fabric.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, our work is our testimonial and it simply speaks for itself. After cleaning your carpet we spray a special carpet shield that prevents it from quickly getting dirty again.

We will clean your carpet at a time that suits you and give you tips on how to prevent calling us back within a year to clean your carpet again. All our cleaning chemicals are pet friendly.

Finally, when we finish cleaning your carpet we would like you to affirm that you are happy with our work.

Our Carpet Cleaning Staff:

Our trained team of carpet cleaning technicians possess excessive knowledge about deep soil removal and the safe treatment of stains and discoloration. Each technician is familiar with various carpet materials and will recommend methods of cleaning to ensure that the carpet or upholstery is cleaned safely. We hire only experienced carpet cleaning professionals and provide them with all of the tools necessary to complete the job. Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Services:

Keeping your carpeting clean and free from stains and excess dirt protects the initial investment of this valuable asset. Not all carpet products are the same and each type of material and application often requires special cleaning practices. We provide the expertise and qualified staff experienced in the care and cleaning of carpeting, upholstery, curtains and rugs. Whether the project involves a small home, large estate or office building, expert carpeting cleaning practices will protect the integrity of the carpeting and increase the lifetime of the product.

What We Offer:

We provide comprehensive carpet cleaning services that are suitable for all types of floor coverings and upholstery. Our equipment includes state-of-the-art steam cleaning systems and soil extraction gear that provides safe and consistent results. Pre-removal of any stains is performed prior to cleaning and furniture and obstructions are carefully moved to ensure thorough coverage. Carpeting and upholstery should receive regular cleaning to protect the materials; we establish a schedule that fits your needs and provides proper maintenance.

Cleaning Guarantees:

Our goal is to ensure that your carpeting, upholstery, rugs and curtains remain in excellent condition after the cleaning treatment. Each job must meet our stringent standards for precision carpet cleaning and thoroughness.

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