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A home that is not clean in not a home, but a house and there is a big difference between both. We want your house to be a home by making it friendly and welcoming. When you invite us into your home, we will carry out a review on the work that needs doing.

We will not bill you for work you have not asked us to do, but if you want a total make over you will be amazed at our level of professionalism. We will hunt every spec of dust and arrange items around the house in an orderly and presentable manner.

Clients that have used us in the past continue to ask us back into their homes because we know what are doing. Apart from this, our staff are fully vetted and honest. We even ask our clients to set honesty tests for our staff.

We ensure that provided you are happy with your allocated cleaner, he or she will continue to clean your home thereby reducing your level of involvement when your home is due for a clean. We also ensure that you have the flexibility if additional cleaning is required in your home.

When you host a party in your home we can have a cleaner on-site to take care of your cleaning requirements. From keeping the toilets clean, to cleaning up the dishes and clearing out the trash, we want to ensure that your house party does not leave you with a post party depression.

Why don’t you give us a try today and you’ll be amazed to what we say “YES” to.

Domestic Cleaning Services:

When choosing a cleaning service that specializes in home care, several factors should be considered. Reliability, integrity, attention to details and value for the service are all important issues. A reliable domestic cleaning service brings peace of mind and offers the benefit of coming home to a well-maintained residence. The best choice takes care of all housecleaning chores and provides consistent and trustworthy housecleaning help. Our qualified staffs offer full expertise and complete care when cleaning your home.

What We Offer:

We offer a full spectrum of housecleaning services that traverses from room to room and includes care of floors, windows, appliances, countertops, mirrors, furniture and accessories. Bathrooms and kitchens are sanitized and left in pristine condition. We staff upholstery cleaning specialists and offer regular maintenance of carpeting, draperies, hardwood flooring, tile and granite. We provide special occasion cleaning before and after a party and may be hired to work during the event. Scheduling is flexible to meet your needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our services range from light housekeeping to heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Our Domestic Cleaning Staff:

Our staff members are exceptionally careful when handling fragile items to prevent damage or breakage from occurring. They are specialists in removing stains from carpeting and upholstery and are proficient in applying safe practices by using only nontoxic cleaning products. They will work closely with you to ensure that any sensitivity or allergies to specific household cleaning products or chemicals are avoided and replaced with environmentally safe alternatives. Clients may choose to work with a preferred cleaning staff member.

Domestic Cleaning Guarantees:

We want you to feel comfortable having your home cleaned while you’re away or when you’re preparing for a special event. Our employees are monitored to ensure that you receive the highest standard of service. Customer satisfaction is always our primary goal.

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