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Glomax Transportation Services

Core Activities

Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd provides excellent third party transportation and logistics services.

Our team of professionals are committed, skilled and determined. Given every opportunity we are striving our best to secure the customer’s satisfaction as our utmost importance.

GMS provide manpower and vehicles for companies looking for regular and reliable service providers. We will provide our service island wide and will be expanding our services worldwide.

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Our Service Description

Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd collaborates with clients to manage the transportation for their products. The core value of our business activity is to provide transportation and logistics services. We provide several wide range of new vehicles.

In today’s fast-paced, high tech market our delivery and service vehicle tracking software offers functionality that allows locating the closest vehicle to a specific destination for faster pickups and deliveries.

GPS deliver vehicle-tracking software and improved real-time reporting offers speed, location and heading of vehicles, allowing our client to track and manage your employees’ detailed movements which reducing idle time and late arrivals. This truck with GPS tracking units have been certified and tested by top carrier networks, which ensures quality amenability and performance.

Our Professionalism

Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd is established for customer service, provide regular deliveries, hiring experienced drivers and having a competitive pricing structure.

We manage the transport operations for 365 days, 52 weeks and 24 hours to sustain our business activities.

Our company goal is to be one of the global leader in this industry within the next five years.
GMS take challenges to explore and improve our business opportunities.

  • Guarantee 100%
  • Motivated 100%
  • Satisfaction 100%

We take pride for providing transport, logistics, warehousing, storage services, for every client

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